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     A Brief History

The Salter story began in Bilston, England in 1760. Richard Salter fashioned a spring out of an old file to improve the working of his brother William's pocket "steelyard" (a weighing device). Thereafter these pocket size steelyards were actuated by a spring and were the forerunners of a multitude of weighing machines, which has been developed ever since. In 1775, Richard moved to West Bromwich to continue the manufacture of springs and spring balances and by 1838, another brother George had obtained a patent for spring balance weighing apparatus. This expertise and dedication to traditional quality and innovative design has continued to pass down through generations and Salter till date is proud to maintain the original high standard set in 1760. For weighing scales to household products, Salter is a trademark of true quality.

Profile of Salter India Ltd.

Salter was actively present in the Indian weighing scale market upto the 60's. With the opening of the Indian economy, Salter is back with a range of its world class quality-weighing scales, manufactured in India, to the same quality standards as Salter (U.K.).